Glad To Be Here!

I am so pleased to have the privilege to connect with you more personally, Nina Spade Studio Fans! Welcome to my brand new webpage,!

It has been a remarkably busy and blessed summer of 2014, filled with the ever expanding Adventures in Jewelry Land. So much has unfolded, and much growth, determination and success has occurred. I am feeling humbled and inspired.

With the launch of my blog, I will be periodically posting about upcoming events, jewelry care, fashion, bridal consulting, design and technique, and more! I will also be posting segments from my latest project, Spade On The Street, which will be an exciting enterprise with the intention of supporting art and small businesses, in order to create great exposure and spread a little good k♠rma 😉

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.

When you surround yourself with those who live passionately, creatively, and kindly… The admiration opens doors to your own creativity that you never knew existed. Feed your art hunger. Follow your inspiration

Live well and feed your heart hunger!
Live well and feed your heart hunger!



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