Spade On The Street!

Good Afternoon Nina Spade Studio Fans!

Let me share with you my newest blog project, Spade On The Street.

I will be posting some fantastic segments in collaboration with young (up-and coming & established) artists, professionals, entrepreneurs, and everyday big-thinkers who share the same vision about making the world a better place through their craft.

I will be recruiting the likes of musicians, performance artists, experts on healthy living, small business owners, photographers, visual artists… maybe even some fellow jewelry artisans… and many more!

Each young professional will receive their very own Nina Spade Studio hand-crafted piece to keep as their own in an effort to support cross promotion. Included in each segment will be a small bio, as well as contact info and upcoming projects, and a golden question;

What is most rewarding about you craft?

The goal is to not only spread the word about these exceptionally outstanding and admirable individuals, but to also inspire and to motivate other young artists and professional to follow their dreams and achieve their independent aspirations.

I am so thrilled to have already received several submissions, and am so excited to begin posting about the incredible people I’ve met on my own journey, and for those to come in the future. Inspiring art, creativity, professionalism, and fun is the ultimate goal of this project, and as an independent artist, I am a firm believer in supporting others in the artistic and small business community.

Those of you who are interested in participating in my Spade On The Street segment, please feel free to make a submission to

Can’t wait to spread the love!

Keep locked in for my first Spade On The Street segment, coming real soon!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Spade On The Street

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