Spade On The Street – Tanios Nims, Abstract Spray Paint Artist

If you want to bask in the spectral dance of colour and light of far off galaxies and solar systems, you need not a telescope should this man happen to be around. Tanios (Tony) Nims, an Abstract Artist from Vaughan Ontario, has a beatnik approach and niche medium to expressing his creative enthusiasm; creating extraterrestrial worlds with the use of spray paint.

He is one of the many artists featured in this summer’s ART BEAT, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him captivate and hypnotize surrounding large audiences as he strokes aerosol cans of chroma, metallics, and darkness across a canvas with speed and precision. It is a pantomime of macrocosm creation, resulting in wide-eyed onlookers and BEAUTIFUL far-away worlds that have now been pulled down to earth by his alchemic skill. After seeing him work, I absolutely had to tell the world about his magic, and I am privileged to be able to share a little bit about him with you all today.

Q: What is most rewarding about your craft?

TN: “There are several things I find rewarding about my paintings, internally and externally.
Internally, I find it pleasing how one can manipulate and control the excursion of millions and millions of paint particles out of a can to create a larger picture. This is what constantly happens in the universe, billions of stars spewing out to form a larger picture- like our MIlky Way, or any other beautiful galaxy. I also find it satisfying that the unlimited amount of possibilities for colors, sizes and atmospheres portrayed in my paintings reflect the unlimited amount of possibilities for different worlds in our universe. Considering almost every star in the sky has multiple planets rotating around them, evolution and planetary circumstances of another world, in another galaxy, could be accurately depicted in one of my paintings unintentionally.
Externally, explaining my concepts to people is a rewarding matter, because there are many people who don’t really know or understand how vast and infinite the universe truly is, but are trapped and blind in their own little world of Earth- 1 out of 8 planets, circling 1 out of billions of stars, circling 1 out of billions of galaxies. The unique and technical process I use to make this art is very inspirational to people and I enjoy sharing it because it demonstrates the classical approach to most crafts in life- practice makes perfect. I discovered this craft browsing YouTube and was blown away from the skill and speed street artists have in cities across the world. I wanted to reach their level, but I knew I had to start from scratch, so I went out and bought a couple spray cans. Soon enough, I found myself spending hundreds of dollars on paint and practicing day and night.”
“My name is Tanios Nims and I was born 18 years ago in Beirut, Lebanon. I was raised in Canada ever since I was 2 and have been engaging in creativity since then. Creating things out of Lego, K’nex and PlayDoh was my childhood. I’ve been to a couple art schools in my elementary years, including Woodbridge Art School and Gallery, and KLIM School of Art. I appreciate these two schools for teaching my basic techniques of art and exposing me to new mediums. I can also appreciate the 4 years of taking art at St.Jean de Brebeuf Highschool taught by one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Gidaro. I will treasure my sketchbooks from my youth for the rest of my life.”
Instagram: SprayTheCosmos

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