Cherith B. Designs For FASHION ART TORONTO

This Saturday, April 21st 2018 @ Fashion Art Toronto, 7:15pm,
catch Cherith Burke, designer for Cherith.b Designs and myself on the runway.

Can’t wait to make CBD’s ‘Forward’ line sparkle ♠️💜


This presentation from Cherith B Designs “Forward” embodies the re-connection of the modern woman’s realization of all that she is, and the reinvention of who she is perceived to be. Though faced with challenges, the CBD woman continues to blossom and reinvent herself with the core values needed to press forward, without forgetting the soft subtle allure that is being a woman. “Forward” is themed around strength, courage and determination needed to perceiver. The collection is comprised of strong structured pieces with soft details. Contrasting textures give compromise to her wanting to show strength while maintaining her femininity.


Since its inception in 2012, Cherith B Designs flourished as a brand that specialized in designing custom evening wear. It has since evolved into creating women’s Ready-to-Wear attire that embodies the couture feel. The selection ranges from everyday separates to evening wear. CBD has since launched an online platform where customers can interact, shop and view past as well as present collections. The Ready-to-Wear line caters to the needs and lifestyle of the modern woman of all ages; at work or at play CBD will provide the perfect look to help Her show the world Here passion, pride, confidence, and joy for who she is; at the core of her exsistance.

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