Nina Spade

Who is Nina Spade?
I am a 34-year-old Jewellery Designer and Certified Gemologist from Toronto, Canada! The jewellery and accessory I designs can be worn everyday and yet, are eclectic enough to dress up and meet the penchants of a wide variety of tastes and fashion proclivity. New ideas are continually flowing and new products and designs are created regularly.

I am also fiercely passionate about working with you to create your very own custom jewellery and accessories. Let’s take your ideas and turn them into a fabulous reality!

Why is Nina different?
With over 16 years of experience and evolution, I am a self-taught professional, and everything you see is created entirely by me. Every piece of jewellery was hand-made by yours truly. I represent no other artist but myself. No re-sells. No imports. 100% artistic integrity. I emblematize myself as the sole architect of every aspect of my business, including all of my personal photography, merchandising, website/blog, social media platforms… you name it.

With expert knowledge of materials and techniques, I can allow my creativity and passion to propelled me to expand my beading methods and jewellery design/creation with materials such as gemstones, resins, wood, genuine Swarovski© crystal, and more. I bring all of my pieces to life with my natural inclination and skill for working with colour, texture and design. 

Fun Facts:
♠ Most of my wardrobe is red. If my spirit has a colour, it’s red.
♠ I work part-time as a private service worker for people with
special needs.
♠ I very much enjoy yoga, swimming and running.
♠ Friends and family are of paramount importance to me.
♠ I am an advocate for self-love, anti-bullying and living your true self.
♠ I cannot go a day without being both goofy and outspoken.
♠ My favourite thing to do in the whole world is drive to small towns
in Southern Ontario and find their fudge, jewellery/fashion boutiques and antique market.
♠ I have no self-control when it comes to eating gummie colas.
♠ I am a classically trained pianist with the Royal Conservatory of Music,
and I used to be in a heavy metal band. Music is tremendously important to me.
♠ Fashion, costuming, styling and accessorising has always been a part of me, and I’m finding that it has evolved from an appreciation to a full-blown passion. I live for beauty and self-expression through fashion, and I believe when you dress well, you do well!
♠ Three items from my wardrobe I will NEVER part with: My baby blue faux fur coat (circa 2000), my 70’s vintage Guur button-up with the disco collar and my custom-made high-waist red suspender Bowie pants.
♠ I am a mother to 18 indoor plants, including a lemon tree.
♠ I love boating and fishing.
♠ Being an Aunt was my destiny in life. My own aunts were/are my idols, and I aspire to uplift the lives of my nieces and nephews everyday. All I want is to be the cool/weird/favourite aunt that helps to raise cool/weird/awesome humans.
♠ I have a Coton De Tulear named Pinot, and he is the greatest dog in the
whole world. Ask to see a photo, I will show you 20.

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