Nina Spade

Who is Nina Spade?
I am a 32-year-old self-taught Jewelry Designer and Certified Gemmologist from Toronto, Canada! From corals to crystals, gems to pearls, these are the fundamentals of my jewellery creation. I find my inspiration from all that surrounds me such as nature, antiquity, the mainstream, and much more.

There is an infinite amount of passion and love that goes into all I do. I hope that others may see and appreciate the beauty, quality and uniqueness of my designs.

My jewelry and accessory designs can be worn everyday and yet, are eclectic enough to dress up and meet the penchants of a wide variety of tastes and fashion proclivity. New creations and ideas are always flowing and new products and designs are created regularly.

Why is Nina different?
Everything you see is created entirely by me. Every piece of jewelry was hand-made by yours truly. I represent no other artist but myself. No re-sells. No imports.100% artistic integrity. I emblematize myself as the sole architect of every aspect of my business, including all of my photography, merchandising, website/blog, social media platforms… you name it. Creativity and passion have propelled me to expand my techniques and beading methods with materials such as gemstones, resins, wood, genuine Swarovski© crystal, and more. I bring all of my pieces to life with my natural instinct for colour, texture and design.

Fun Facts:
♠ Most of my wardrobe is red. If my spirit has a colour, it’s red.
♠ Meryl Streep movies are my guilty pleasure. The rest of the time, I
love Sci-Fi & Fantasy.
♠ I work part-time as a private service worker for people with
special needs.
♠ I very much enjoy yoga, swimming and running.
♠ My favourite thing to do in the whole world is drive to small towns
in Southern Ontario and find their fudge and antique market.
♠ I have no self-control when it comes to eating gummie colas.
♠ I am a classically trained pianist with the Royal Conservatory of Music,
and I used to be in a heavy metal band.
♠ I love sociology books. My favourite author is Mary Roach.
♠ I am a mother to 18 indoor plants, including a lemon and lime tree.
♠ I love comics. Currently obsessed with Saga by Brian K. Vaughan.
♠ I’m allergic to Gravol.
♠ I love boating and fishing.
♠ I have a Coton De Tulear named Pinot, and he is the greatest dog in the
whole world. Ask to see a photo, I will show you 20.

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