Celebrate Mother’s Day!

This Mother’s Day, create a gift that is truly impressionable and simply beautiful for mom with these delicate and personalized Mom Bracelets.

Choose from a selection of charming hand-selected Personality Beads, Genuine Swarovski Crystal Birthstones, Initial Charms and delicate Mom Roses, fashioned together to tell a small story just about her.

These bracelets can be customized exactly to your liking with your selection of both choice and quantity of these very special beads and charms.

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Each bracelet comes standard with tiny Barrel Crystals in either black or white, with your desired quantity of Year Rings and the Mom Rose of your choosing.

A year ring represents the number of years you have shared together with Mom and come in either Silver or Gold.

Each Mom Rose imparts the nature of motherhood and your relationship to the receiver. There is a rose to suit every Mom, whether that mother is your sister, your aunt, etc.

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The Kindred Mom Rose is a special chrome silver rose that betokens that extraordinary mom who is a friend, a mother that you admire, or an adoptive mother.

Swarovski Crystal Gemstones Click to enlarge
Personality Beads Click to enclarge

Taylor your bracelet with a Genuine Swarovski Crystal Birthstone and as many Initial Charms and Personality Beads you like.

Standard Mom Bracelets are $60.00 CD
Charms and Beads are $5 each.
Enhance your Round Swarovski
Birthstone to a premium Cube for $8.
Enhance your Initial Charm to a rhinestone
charm for $8.

October Opal Birthstone now available!

Contact Nina Spade at
– 416.894.3755
to order!

Get yours today before May 14th!
Happy Mother’s Day from Nina Spade Studio

MIX’D by Nina Spade

So I am certain that many of you have been curious about the new label that I’ve branded on many of the new jewellery designs. Well, consider this my formal introduction to it.

When autumn arrived in 2016, I admittingly experienced, for the first time in my life, my first run-in with the infamous Creator’s Block. And it could not have come at a worse time—during the beginning stages of a new and exciting idea I had for a jewellery line. This is the reason for the Nina Spade dry spell of late 2016, and it brought with it a depression that was invisible to others, but very present within myself. I’m pleased to say that I am vanquishing this block with self-determination, self-love, a lot of meditation, a lot of support, and many hours forcing myself to just keep creating, no matter how much I hated what I was ending up with, because eventually the flow would materialized.  Everything is still in a very raw and elementary stage of composition and inspiration, but as an artist, this is one of my most favourite stages to be in, because with persistence and passion, only growth can follow. I can’t wait to see where it all leads.mixd2

As summer dwindled, I found myself reflecting on my skills, and what I have produced over the past 14 years. What I had concluded was that my versatility as a designer was my greatest strength, and as much as it might sound like aptitude and dexterity gives someone a lot to work with, it begins to feel stagnant after a while IF it is the only thing you are doing. How lucky am I to be able to accommodate and create jewellery for just about any personality, age, psyche, unique taste, creative preference, special occasion, etc. That’s huge. But as an artist, that isn’t enough for me.  I still wanted to be able to provide my vision and creations to clientele looking for something custom and something exclusive, while also designing pieces that reverberated, related to, and represented an entire faction. Exclusiveness is noble, but it was time for me to begin thinking about creating pieces that were inclusive.

This is precisely when I came up with my new jewellery line, MIX’D.

What it is? What makes it unique? Well, each piece of jewellery I make for this line has been hand-crafted intentionally with an unconventional and exciting mingling of materials. This line was designed specifically for women, being that my largest clientele demographic are women. The objective of each design is to resonate the same multifaceted spirit of all woman, rather that articulate just one kind of personality. This line is inclusive because each design contains the pervasive psyche of all women.

Different materials translate the many different idiosyncrasies of being female; Basic and modest mediums such as resin, plastic, basic metals, etc., impart the side of a woman that should also be celebrated (incomplex, plain, and dare I even say threadbare), and is just as real and authentic as any other side. Even Iris Apfel isn’t decked out 24 hours of the day. And to keep up with trying to look put together or like you have all together ALL the time can be incredibly exhausting and inauthentic. But at the same time, this is just a facet of who we are. We are both ‘frumpy AND fantastically fabulous’.
This is what I am trying to convey when I add things like pewter to a piece that also has Aquamarines and Sparkling Swarovski. There is little about ‘cheap’ materials that make them refined, and they are considered, for the most part, shabby and less valuable in comparison to things like gems and gold. By marrying them with more refined components, each piece possesses the same complexity women share. Their value immediately increases. Their simplicity is beautified. And like a women, the design possesses the same authenticity as its wearer.

Gemstones, wood, pearls… natural beads express a woman’s natural and organic being. Genuine Swarovski Crystal and glass and precious metals conveys elegance, refinement,
and beauty. Compounding and incorporating all these elements together signifies the miscelaneousness, intricacy… and wonderment of women and all her sides.

THIS was what manifested from my desire to create inclusive jewellery. I NEEDED to create a line that spoke to literally everyone; a 40-year-old powerhouse career mogul; a 16-year-old ingénue, exploring her methods of self-expression; a mother of 4; someone like you; someone like me. There is a lot of myself in these designs, specifically. That is due to just how passionate I feel about themmixd1, and that energy is absorbed into every pin, bead, charm, and clasp I use.

I look forward to continuing to create pieces that make people feel special, and make them feel more like themselves. We all want to be understood. We all want to express ourselves effectively. And we also want to feel that the sides of ourselves we are most critical of are not only just a part of who we are, but also a park of what makes us awesome.

Keep on the look-out for more designs from my MIX’D by Nina Spade line, and remember to celebrate your authentic self and every side of it, because we are all a mix of magic, mystery, and magnificent… whether confident in 4 inch heels or in sweatpants with Creator’s Block.


Home Town Heros with Free Pizza Mike

A grand, glorious, and gigantic package of gratitude and good vibes goes out to @freepizzamike for a wonderful #HomeTownHeros session at @makerpizza where we exchanged hillarious and awesome art for in-house custom-made bracelets, ate an ooowy-goowy pepperoni pie, and got his photos all fired up for his upcoming #SpadeOnTheStreet segment!

Home Town Heros feature can be found here!

I traded some funky, rustic (rustico? *chuckles*) bracelets for some SWEEEET art!

Keep your eyes peeled for Mike’s upcoming segment and check out his Insta for my instalation of Home Town Heros, Meditative Pizza Doodles, and his critiques on some of the city’s best pizza!


Good day, Nina Spade Studio Fans!

Today is a special day, as I will be having an absolutely fantastic JEWELRY GIVEAWAY contest on Instagram starting from today, Monday August 31st, and ending Monday, September 14th, 2015.

Enter to win a one-of-a-kind jewelry package:

– Visit Nina Spade Studio on Instagram
– Follow!! @ninaspade
– Repost the photo of the JEWELRY GIVEAWAY PACKAGE of your choice with the hashtag #ninaspadegiveaway, and tag @ninaspade. It’s that easy!

Quick note: This contest will be running until September 14th, 2015 and the winners (3 winners, 1 for each giveaway) will be announced at 12:00pm EST. You also must be 18+ years of age, and you must have an open, public profile to enter.

Good Luck to all, and stay tuned for more wonderful new designs!!

– Nina Spade


Facade Academy Presents: ART BEAT In Kleinburg

Every Thursday evening since the first week of July, I go to take part and experience what I have coined as my ‘Summer Romance’. Tucked away just North of the City of Vaughan is the Village of Kleinburg, a beautiful little town that sits just along the Humber River, and was founded in the late 1800’s. The town holds this serene, relaxed atmosphere, and embodies true small town spirit.

Kleinburg ART BEAT

Starting back in July and moving through August, Kleinburg hosts a wonderful on-the-street outdoors event called ART BEAT, which has assembled a variety of talented visual artists, designer, photographers, performers, and musicians. Nina Spade Studio is ART BEAT’s hand-crafted jewelry and accessories exhibitor. Organized by Faҫade Academy’s Creative Director and Owner, Mina Spremulli, the event has attracted locals and tourists from all over to experience Kleinburg’s wonderful shops, restaurants, cafes, and beautiful surroundings, as well as the exhibits and contributing artists.

This year features:
Alessandra S’Alessio – Freelance Artist & Interior Design Student
Ashley Campana – Visual Artist & Instructor
Dominick Petrungaro – Photographer
Kimberly Grovu – Freelance Artist
Luisa Pariselli – Professional Freelance & Tattoo Artist
Nicholas McMaster – Professional Freelance & Tattoo Artist
Niloo Inalouei – Freelance Figurative & Abstract Artist
Tanios Nims – Freelance Surrealist Artist

And features
Vincent Spremulli – Creative Coordinator/Freelance Artist & Art Instructor


With so much to experience, it has become more and more popular with each passing week, attracting larger numbers of visitors and giving summer-fun-seekers an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Thursday evening that is filled with live music, BBQs, live street art, face-paining, activities for children, and so much more. One of my favorite things to do before setting up my display is having dinner or a desert at one of their many outstanding restaurants and cafes; From Pizza Margherita at Avlyn Gardens Ristorante, to fresh fish and chips at Chartreuse, to a giant gelatto and an espresso at Dolcini by Joseph. It’s wonderful to walk down the street and wave back at now-familiar faces. When I am set up and people approach, I have had an absolute endless amount of the most marvelous positive feedback. It has brought me a gracious joy to watch people enjoy trying things on and taking treasures home. The opportunity for profound, sincere, imaginative, and astute conversation with kind strangers and fellow artists occurs several times each evening. I live for that.

To hear people share how wonderful their evening has been, and how talented every artist is is a real testament to the creative vision of ART BEAT’s coordinators.This entire event has been such a huge success, and truly the highlight of all my summer projects.

ART BEAT is being held every Thursday evening from July 3rd until August 28th, 2014.
Come visit Nina Spade Studio, as well as all of the other talented artists, and enjoy a little small town fun on a Thursday evening!

For more information, visit:
Facade Academy Events
Kleinburg Community Events
SNAP Vaughan East
York Scene