Spade On The Street – Style & Beauty Blogger, Mikayla Kuehn

The warm sunshine, melted snow, and green leaves are fast approaching, and what better way to honour it all… by posting 2017’s very first Spade on The Street.

This time of year sure has a way of inflating that longing for days spent on hot beaches, enjoying cold drinks, bright colours, and enjoying the company of others. Days very similar to my afternoon spent with and getting to know, one-on-one, Style and Beauty Blogger, Mikayla Ann Kuehn. A Coburg Ontario native, Mikayla’s blog, MAK Style, jumped out at me one day after seeing a photo of her sporting a fresh set of Nail Kandy nail art, which compelled me to further explore and discover her fashion expertise.

Along with a bracing introductory, her blog offers an extensive array of style, lifestyle and product knowledge, and exciting discoveries within the make-up and cosmetic realm. A personal favourite of mine is her love of nail art, which she dotingly shares through her Current Claws blog sphere. Her social media platforms can be found through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. And being that she has a deep love for the colour pink, her subscribers can take part in the MAK Style community through her hashtag, #thepinklife.

Meeting up on a beautiful day in one of Toronto’s most prominent neighbourhoods within the fashion community, Yorkville is abuzz with life as patrons shop, enjoy the bright sunlight, and savour delicious ice cream

Mikayla is statuesque in a blazing satin Magenta skirt as she sits, poised and smiling with me amidst the surrounding urban foliage. She shares with me her passion for her Fashion Marketing program with the Toronto Film School, which she will graduate next month from.

Graduating in 2014 from highschool, she spent the following year refining her portfolio, and is pleased to find everything she has ever wanted in a post-secondary course licensed to the Fashion Marketing industry. Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit, her hopes are to one day assume the role of a senior creative director or even owning her own company, all the while mastering her talents with marketing through social media.

Thank you Mikayla for your contribution to Spade on The Street, and looking forward to watching your success, evolution, and revolution within The Pink Life!


Q:What is the most rewarding thing about your craft?

MK: I would have to say that the freedom of self-expression through my blog and sharing my content with the world as an influencer is the most rewarding part of what I do!

I have always been super creative, and had a love for fashion and beauty. Growing up, I was very much a girly-girl and experimented with my makeup and clothing choices on a daily basis. I also liked other things such as photography and writing, so incorporating all of those things together – I created my own blog! I can be my own boss and make my own posting schedules, what I want to write about, what I will wear… and I love having all of that control and creative freedom!

It is also rewarding to be able to work with brands I love and test out items and share my thoughts and opinions with my readers. I am able to help people make purchasing decisions easier and inspire their own personal style. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love and explore the fashion industry through this platform I have made for myself!