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It has been a while since updating the blog, and my sincerest apologies for keeping you guys waiting. I have been slowly polishing my incredibly elementary technological skills, as well as tackling a few other life demands. Future projects are underway, despite taking longer to manifest than anticipate, but I promise some fun stuff in the near future. After taking a two month hiatus to upgrade my technology a bit (new computer, new camera), I have returned, Nina Spade Studio Fans, and with a very special Spade On The Street segment.

When I stop to think about the one thing that effects our health the most, it all chips down to diet. Of course, there are many things that attribute to a healthy and active lifestyle, but let us focus on our ‘Guts’ for a moment. It’s not always easy to practice healthy eating habits, and even when we have the time to utilize that desire, more often than not we find ourselves asking, “Well, I want to be more conscious about my diet and about keeping my mind and body healthy… but where do I begin? What DO I eat and how do I do it?”

How lucky am I to say that I have someone so very important to me that can help me answer those questions. That person is my dear friend, Holisitc Nutritionist & Blogger, Tricia Güt.

Tricia has always been an inspiration to me. She lives a life of passion AND compassion. And when it comes to the things that matter to her the most, she discusses them and acts upon them with vigour and gusto. I have watched her make remarkable creative transitions since the day I have met her. She has a knack for design, and has done it all, from trendy and custom nautical bags, silk screening, and even killer costumes like My Pet Monster and my very own David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Halloween get-up. She has travelled all across Europe within the past two years, further enriching her life by bringing home her own inspirations and experiences. And there is never a time I visit her and I am not served the most delicious, bonkers-healthy meals and smoothies and deserts and tinctures my belly ever did have. And although it is mostly to be taken seriously, she makes charging and chanting up Yonge Street during a March Against Monsanto educational and fun (…and hydrating, with always a mason jar full of fresh water and cucumber in tow).

Her know-how when it comes to nutrition is marvellous. Her unapologetic devotion to being active about health and her say-it-like-it-is attitude is a valuable facet on the multi-faceted constitution of making the world a better place. And like all aspects of raising awareness and awakening consciousness in this day and age, it is necessary. She calls a spade a spade (Oh, I am just full of cheeky puns today).

So, without further ado, here’s a lovely lady who firmly believes in something very real and very simple: “most everything happening on the outside is a direct result of what is happening on the inside”.

Q- What is most rewarding about your craft?

TG: Feeling passionate. Being able to stir up my insides and express them outwardly.

I’ve always been a craftsperson. I can say that. Working with my hands is the most natural form of work for me. I made the huge decision of walking away from my craft as a seamstress last year when I decided to go back to school. I am the type of person that eats information for breakfast. I am inspired by so much in life and I refuse to put myself in a box, or remain in a stagnant state. That is why when my work as a designer/seamstress was no longer lifting my spirits, I turned to something that would. I am proud to say I am passionate again. As someone who lost passion for her craft, to find it again in something else feels amazing. Today, I am a holistic nutritionist, having earned the designation of Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). What does this mean exactly? Well, it means a lot and it means something different from person to person. In an industry that is quickly becoming over-saturated, I see no good reason to limit what it is that I can now do with my designation. Freshly out of school, it is now my time to figure out my voice and my place in the world of holistic nutrition.

I do have a glimpse of what I am becoming. With each tool I learn to use and with each bit of information I hone, I find that I am becoming better at being a human. I think that what it means to be human is nowadays is not what it once was; we were once survivors. We used to be able to fend for ourselves, having an innate quality to live off the land. Now we can’t even get by if our iphones die. We don’t know where our food is coming from. Most of us have become complacent and lazy. In honor of Halloween I will even say this; we are a bunch of zombies. If you do not believe me go to a mall and just sit and watch. People consume so much, trying to fill this emptiness inside but never feeling quite full enough.

“Holistic Nutritionist”… “Herbal Tincture Manufacturer”… “ex-Seamstress”… All just words to help others to define me but really what I am is human. Everything I am learning is essentially to become self-sustainable and un-reliant on others. Therefore my craft is to show by example how others can learn to get back to their roots and become human again too. With my own two hands I make herbal extracts used for medicinal purposes, I grow food in my backyard, I brew kombucha, I make my own almond milk, I cook meals almost every single day for my loved ones, I can make my own clothes (when I am in the mood), I can handle a two-bit drill and I am no stranger to a band saw, jigsaw, and miter saw.

To get back to being human we need to start with food. We have lost our connection to food and I want to show people how to get connected again. I want people to care about what they are putting in their bodies. The most joyful experiences I had this past summer were visiting organic or biodiverse farms and getting my hands in the dirt. Being a part of the farming process from planting the seed, picking the crop, preparing for market, and sharing it with the public has been my most rewarding experience so far. Ask me how much I love farmer’s markets… SO MUCH!! Farmer’s markets are so universal too. Really, I could be anywhere in the world and find a market to meander through. The colours, the smells, the food… nothing beats strolling around a market for me. The best part is you can meet the people who grow the food. You can talk to them and ask questions. You can get rid of the middle man involved and go right to the source. Best of all, you can support these hard working and local farmers by buying their stuff. I have no problem going to markets and opening my wallet. I always feel great afterwards because there is never a guilt feeling associated like there is when purchasing and consuming fast food.

When I eat food fresh from the market there is a certain appreciation for it after having met the person who grew it with their own two hands. It feels good, and I don’t know about you, but I like feeling good. That is exactly what food is supposed to do, make you feel good inside and out. Hopefully I can encourage a few more people to get off their butts and find a local farmer’s market and stock up for the week.

As a Holistic Nutritionist I am capable of helping others get their life and health back on track. I have the tools and knowledge to help people with everything from mental disorders to allergies. I am passionate about prevention. I would love to get into the schools or to educate young families on what they can do today to ensure a better future. One of the reasons I went back to school was a direct action after becoming privy to the “cancer industry”; One out of every three people in North America will get cancer. Look around you. That is you and your family. The suffering can end, I truly believe that. I believe it starts when people get this mentality out of their heads that we have another Earth to go to or something. Too many people do not care about what is happening in their environment. Our environment is what is making us sick. If you do not want to fall prey to illness and disease it is time to start caring. It is time to get connected in the truest of ways.

“It has to start somewhere…
It has to start sometime…
What better place than here?
What better time than now?”
– Zack de la Rocha (RATM)

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