Spade On The Street – Jaclyn Forbes, Much Creator & Lifestyle Vlogger

Tripod in tow, camera bag in hand, handmade jewellery all gift-wrapped, and umbrella sandwiched between my teeth, I’m racing down St. Patrick on foot, and I’m late. After breaking through what felt like a flock of OPP officers casually blocking my path as I zoomed down the sidewalk—smashed into, yelling ‘thank you!’ (!?) as I passed—I eventually reach Queen, slowing my legs down to a brisk pace. It’s June, and I’m approaching Much Headquarters. The usual faction of ink-clad skin, plaid, band tshits, and Kensington market 3-for-15 shades part partially as I walk towards the building with that tell-tale CP24 truck bursting out the bricks in the loading yard, wheels still rotating and body paint rusting away. My eyes eventually land on the riveting woman who is waiting for my arrival just outside the front doors; my Spade on the Street focus of the day, the multi-talented Lifestyle Vlogger and Much Creator, Miss Jaclyn Forbes.

She’s casually and genuinely brushing off my tardiness (try waiting behind someone trying to turn right onto College and then Dundas from University, I don’t know why I didn’t just drive in the middle lane) as we enter the building, and signs me in at the front desk. Fresh-faced, relaxed, and with effortless good posture, she’s cool and excited and fluent in wit, and I adore her even more in those past 7 or 8 minutes of talking and getting to know her better. We are eventually greeted by Alyssa Petru of Much Digital Studios, and she leads the way upstairs to the Fishbowl (which has impeccable lighting, I might add. You can’t blame me for being excited about that, I am a cliché with a DSLR).

Jaclyn has been involved with Much as a Creator since 2014, heading forward with ease and strength that is carried by her natural charm and amiable essence. She is also best known for her dedication to her riveting, educational, and incredibly fun Youtube Channel, encompassing her love of make-up, pop-culture, and delicious vegan delights, amassing over 24,000 subscribers, and more than 860,000 combined views in ONE YEAR… a testament to her entertaining nature. Her videos feature things that she loves, to make-up and fashion tutorials for your go-to musical festival look, and more.

In June, you could catch her and other Much Creators (AND… former Spade on the Street segment feature, Toronto Photographer, Nick Wons) on the red carpet at this year’s 2016 iHeartRadio’s Much Music Video Awards, welcoming the likes of Gigi Hadid, Alessia Cara, Tegan and Sarah, Nick Jonas, Shawn Mendes, and more.

As we settle into the Fishbowl, she finally opens her jewellery goodies, revealing her custom-requested Peach Glass Choker (part of her Bestival 2016 look, and also featured in her June 2016 Favorites Video), as well as a special Quartz & Labradorite necklace that caught her eye. It’s not surprising she has great taste.

The fishbowl is sweltering for me in the heat of summer, and I down a bottle of water while the camera is snapping. Jaclyn doesn’t have a bead of sweat on her. Cool to the bone.

She is a natural infront of the camera, which only further confirms what I suspect to be an ever-growing and successful career in her future. It was such a delight to get to know her. Keep on the look-out for her as she continues to create a platform for herself as one of Toronto’s leading faces in pop-culture and beauty, whether though Much or though Youtube. All the best of luck to you, Jaclyn, and thank you for your contribution to Spade on the Street. Enjoy the jewels!!


 What is the most rewarding thing about your craft?

JF: There are so many different rewarding parts about what I do. Of course, there are those self-motivating, everyday rewards, like when I finish editing a video that I’ve worked really hard on, or finishing filming a dream video (like when I filmed the 5 Second Challenge video with Hailey Baldwin and Tyler Posey- it was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments), but I think the most rewarding part of my craft is interacting with viewers and hearing their stories. No matter what aspect of my video making process I’m working on, ultimately I’m always thinking about my viewers.

Whenever I upload a video, and it gets to the part where it says “99% uploaded”, I still get these little butterflies in my stomach from excitement. I am always so eager to share my content with my subscribers and I can’t wait to read their comments. Ultimately, what I do wouldn’t be possible without my viewers. It’s definitely a two way street!! I think one of the best parts about YouTube is the comments section and the sense of community it creates. I love hearing feedback or having discussions with everyone on there. I think YouTube is a platform that really relies on that. To go even further, of course, interacting online with people who watch my videos is great, but meeting those people in real life is one of the best feelings.

The most exciting part of what I do is meeting those people and hearing their stories or how my videos have inspired them. It’s so rewarding to hear that what I’m doing and that the videos I’m creating are having an impact on the people around me – or maybe not even around me for that matter! It always blows my mind when I read comments from viewers saying that they’re from a country half way across the world. The reach you have with YouTube is limitless, and to think that someone, who in some cases might not even speak the same language as me, are watching my videos is extremely humbling. To think that these are real people, not just usernames or faceless accounts, is insane to me.

I think that sometimes it can be easy to forget that each user I’m interacting with or replying to in the comment section are real people. It sounds silly, but it’s true. Most of my interaction happens online, which is awesome, but it really is something else when you finally meet that username face to face. It’s surreal, honestly. I’ve said it since the beginning of this journey, if my videos can make at least one person smile, or spark an interest in someone or even just entertain someone and allow them to take their mind off something, then it’s all worth it. Knowing that what I create is influencing someone else’s life positively is the most rewarding thing.

Jaclyn Forbes: