Spade On The Street – Kate Bland (“Nail Kandy Kate”), Freelance Nail Artist & Technician

“If you got cool nails, you wake up, and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m happy now!'” – Maisie Williams

Nothing like a fresh set of beautiful, bright nails to make you feel like a million bucks. Although I do not dye my hair, nor wear too much make-up, my absolute favourite aesthetics to treat myself to is a great manicure, complete with brand-spanking-new and funky fingertips.  And if you share this joy with me, then you would love what Kate Bland, AKA, Nail Kandy Kate, can do.

A 1st place winner of the Canada Nail Cup mixed media category, and with a background in Make-Up Artistry, Kate studied at Sheridan College, applying her skills as a make-up artist for films and photo shoots in and around the GTA. Her love of cosmetics began when we was quite young (she shares with me that her mother relayed Kate wanting to own her “own cosmetics company”… A statement she claims to no longer recollect). Overtime, this love for make-up evolved into a passion for nail art, which she has been vehemently perusing and emerging into over the past 5 years.

She has been invited to take part in an exciting, educational, and inspirational weekend, The North West Nail Tech Retreat, on Vashon Island, South of Seattle, coming this October. The weekend seminar is an experience expected to bring together a variety of talent looking to expand their skills and share their own experiences. A flight fund for Kate has been organized with Go Fund Me, called the Flight Fund For Nail Camp. I encourage everyone to click on the link and make a contribution!

Her wonderful creations can also be seen on her Instagram account, @nailkandykate. To book an appointment or consultation, please contact her via email:

No matter your personality or personal tastes, her nail creation is truly special, and she is able to cover a wide range of tastes. She has manifested themes such as Honey, Mermaids, Fruit, Flowers, Penguins, Paris, and even Birthday nails. Her easy-going nature becomes overshadowed by her affection and zeal for what she does; her eyes light up when asked about what sort of elements she uses to create her designs, where she draws her inspiration from, and all that is in between. Be sure to keep an eye out for for, as her talents continue to ripen. If you’re from Toronto, and you love unique, exquisite, one-of-a-kind nails… Kate is your go-to girl!


Q – What is most rewarding about your craft?


KB – Lots of things! The ability to create ever-changing pieces of artwork that are tailored to each client’s style and personality. That “WOW” moment when my client can’t believe I painted such tiny portraits of their cats onto their nails (and they actually look like cats). Although my canvases are much tinier than most other artists’, the options for how I can decorate them are practically unlimited which lets my creativity and imagination run wild. I also enjoy being able to provide a service that is purely about having fun and doing something nice for yourself. In the grand scheme of life, I know that nail art and getting your nails done is completely frivolous and unessential, but it’s important to allow yourself things like that. I feel like many people take things so seriously, and nail art is a small escape from the stresses of the world. I mean, you can’t be too serious with unicorns or googly eyes on your nails, right?

For myself, when I do my own nails, my style and personal taste are constantly evolving and I love the fact that nail art is only ever temporary. It can be inspired by an emotion, an event, a season or even just a color that I’m into at that moment and by the time I’m ready to re-do my nails I will have moved onto something else that has piqued my interest.

I can be a bit hesitant to commit to things with any permanence (note: I don’t have any tattoos and you wouldn’t believe the amount of research and thought I put into even the simplest shopping purchases). There is something satisfying, perhaps cathartic even, about creating a piece of artwork that you know will inevitably be removed and destroyed, and this is an aspect of my life I can be carefree about. I think it helps me cope with the fact that nothing lasts forever, things change and that’s okay. Thankfully I have photographs of all my work so it never truly disappears 🙂